Decking board is a product designed for the construction of external structures, such as terraces, platforms or stairs. Our decking board consists of thick and solid heat treated beech wood. Thermal modification stabilizes the wood and makes it resistant to weather conditions. In addition, this process ensures warmer, intense brown tone of beech wood. Decking board is corrugated on both sides. Top corrugation ensures user safety, as the floor is non-slip and pleasant to touch. It also creates visually interesting effect. Bottom corrugation aims at expanding the board and making it more flexible, which prevents potential bending. Decking board is 20 mm thick, 140 mm wide and its length may amount to 500 mm to 2500 mm. It is finished with specialized oil, which impregnates and protects the wood.

Decking board – advantages:

  • thermal modification increases the resistance to weather conditions
  • corrugation ensures user safety and stable dimensions
  • finished with impregnating oil
  • pleasant and deep brown tone
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