Industrial parquet is hard and very resistant. It is a ready pattern – a form composed of small 8 mm wide and 160 mm long lamellae. In view of its high resistance as well as reduced visibility of mechanical damage and scratches, industrial parquet is frequently applied in public facilities, production halls or shopping centers. In addition, small tightly connected elements are more resistant to heavy use, temperature changes as well as other environmental conditions. Wood in small elements undergoes much less intense “settling” process in comparison with standard planks.

Thanks to its interesting design, the parquet is an attractive solution for houses, installed on the entire floor surface or combined for example with traditional solid parquet. The structure of wood is not visible in small elements; however, its natural color has been preserved. Our offer includes European oak and ash industrial parquet.

Industrial parquet – advantages:

  • very durable
  • easy and fast laying
  • versatile solution from factory halls to houses and apartments
  • interesting look
  • interesting design options