Kaczkan 30 years “No design without craft”


            The Kaczkan wood workshop was set up in 1987.

The business was founded by the deceased Henryk Kaczkan and his son Józef Waldemar Kaczkan. Initially it had just one production facility in Kiełkuty where it manufactured solely lumber products. After nearly 10 years the range of available products was expanded with ready-made products.

            In 2002 another production facility was set up in Klonowy Dwór, which now houses a high-tech factory that makes ready-made products. In 2006, thanks to EU financing, Kaczkan acquired an advanced production line designed for making double-layer parquets.

            A high demand for the new products resulted in increased demand for semi-finished goods, which is why in 2010 Kaczkan built a new sawmill as part of a single production line.

            In 2012 the family business set up a high-tech factory to manufacture double-layer flooring. The factory was another step forward for the brand and led to significant expansion of the product range.

 Family business

            Throughout the years, the founders of the company - Henryk Kaczkan and Józef Waldemar Kaczkan, handed down their knowledge and shared their experience of wood properties and treatment with their relatives.

            Currently the business is run by the third generation that proudly represents the accomplishments of their ancestors. The values and principles handed down from one generation to the next for 30 years earn us respect and trust of our customers.


            Kaczkan was founded to make one-of-a-kind wood flooring. The aim of the family business is to meet all expectations of customers who wish to surround themselves with natural beauty and things of superior quality.


            The wood used to make Kaczkan floors comes from proven and sustainably managed sources in Europe. It is acquired in line with the principles of conscious natural resource management and the boards made of it meet the highest quality standards.

            All the floors are FSC certified and provided with all documents required under EU law for wood products. Every stage of the production process takes place in Europe under the supervision of an expert making Kaczkan distinct from large-scale floor manufacturers. The use of innovative technology allows for high precision, production optimisation, minimisation of costs and protection of the natural environment.

 Certificates and Distinctions

            The superior quality of Kaczkan products is acknowledged by the following certificates: PN-EN certificate regarding production, CE certification (Conformité Européenne) that indicates conformity with product safety and quality requirements in accordance with EU directives, DIBT certificate which attests to the high quality of products and high standards in terms of protection of the environment and people in the construction sector as well as FSC certificate awarded for respecting the rules of forest management.          In addition, Kaczkan is a winner of multiple prizes, e.g. the prestigious Diamenty Forbesa, Gazele Biznesu and Orły Eksportu.


            The implementation of innovative production lines by Kaczkan resulted in improved quality and appearance of products.

            Currently the range of products offered by the family business includes items dedicated to traditionalists – solid parquets and floor boards, as well as to modern design enthusiasts – double-layer parquets. In the case of modern floors end customers can have the product tailored to their needs in terms of dimensions, colour, structure, wood type and class.

            Kaczkan’s annual production volume for double-layer floors is 1 200,000 m2, and for solid floors - 200,000 m2.

KACZKAN is a producer of high-quality wood flooring: solid parquets, double-layer parquets, floor boards and terrace floor boards.

In recent years the company has grown by implementing innovative technology which translates directly to improved quality and appearance of products. With that, the company was able to expand its range of products with modern wood flooring that combines the advantages offered by a conventional parquet, i.e. durability and a natural look, and floor panels, i.e. easy and fast installation without any additional finishing work. Thereafter it was discovered that the product is perfectly suited for modifications and the implemented technology was a contributing factor. The result is a wide range of products offered by the company. Customers can choose from traditional floor collections – solid parquets and floor boards, or modern collections of double-layer parquets. In the case of modern floors end customers can have the product tailored to their needs in terms of dimensions, colour, structure, bevelling, wood type and class. 30 years’ worth of experience and ability to meet expectations of customers, preceded by long-term observations and reviews of the global wood sector, give the company a significant advantage.

With its innovative machinery, the company is among the leaders in the business, as evidenced by multiple prizes and distinctions. Our main goal is to sell products that offer high quality and a beautiful look, which is why we continue to expand our offer with new products. Our floors found their way into homes throughout Europe.