Three decades’ worth of great design – 30th anniversary of Kaczkan

2017 it was a special year for Kaczkan as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. The company, which started as a family business making lumber products, today offers wood flooring that has enchanted Europe and other parts of the world.

“Craft Workshop. Board and Parquet Manufacturing. Henryk & Józef Kaczkan” – that was the signboard installed in 1987 above the door of a modest workshop where Kaczkan first started its business, initially making only lumber products. As the years went by, the company started making more and more products and its production facilities were modernised. Today it is safe to say that Kaczkan is among the key players in the international wood industry.

Grassroots work

A small shed, a circular saw table and two partners – father and son – this is how a family started its business of making lumber products in the late 1980s in Kiełkuty, a small village in Warmińsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. After nearly ten years the range of products offered by the company was expanded with ready-made products: solid parquets and floor boards, exported primarily to Germany. As the business was growing, in 2002 the owners decided to open another production facility in Klonowy Dwór, which currently houses factories making ready-made products, warehouses and the company’s head office. In 2006, thanks to EU financing, the production facilities were equipped with innovative production lines designed for manufacturing modern double-layer parquets. A high demand for the products resulted in increased demand for semi-finished goods, hence in 2010 a new sawmill opened in Kiełkuty – with the entire production process enclosed within one facility, it is the most advanced sawmill in Poland. Two years later Kaczkan set up a new high-tech factory to manufacture double-layer floors. All production lines within our production facilities have been designed especially for Kaczkan making our products truly unique. Recent years saw significant expansion of the family business and addition of many new products that satisfy all customer expectations. Currently Kaczkan products are exported to multiple European countries and to Australia. The company plans to expand into other countries in Europe and all over the world.

No design without craft

Passion and dedication are two ideas that have always guided the owners and employees of Kaczkan and that are the reason why the company is now among the best in the business. With many years of experience and high degree of expertise in wood properties and treatment, the company was able to create high-quality and beautiful wood flooring. Our success is also due to the right choice of raw materials. The wood used to make our floor boards comes from proven and sustainably managed sources – primarily in Warmia and Masuria regions. It is acquired in line with the principles of conscious natural resource management. All Kaczkan products are FSC certified and provided with all documents required under EU law. Our products include floors that will match perfectly all interior design styles e.g. traditional solid parquets and solid boards and innovative double-layer parquets available in the shape of regular boards as well as the French and Hungarian herringbone pattern which has lately become very popular among interior designers. The boards are available with all kinds of finishes, including pigmented oils from the Colours of the Natue line and the UV Colours of the World varnishes.

Kaczkan products owe their quality to the type of wood used to make them, namely the pedunculate oak, which is widely appreciated for its durability. With high-quality materials and innovative production lines, the family business offers world-class floor collections. Professional treatment, colouring and a wide range of finishes make every product unique and luxurious.

Although Kaczkan has been present on the market for three decades, over the course of which it significantly extended its offer and modernised its facilities, it remains a family business with traditions. The company is now in the hands of three generations and the values and principles followed by it for over 30 years earn us respect and trust of our customers.