The rhythm of a hot Csárdás dance – hungarian chevron

Referring to the connotations with the dynamic Csárdás dance, the Kaczkan company has introduced Hungarian chevron – characteristic rebellious floor full of temperament.

Energetic, expressive and recognizable – these adjectives perfectly describe Hungarian chevron manufactured by the Kaczkan company. In the past used only in noble apartments and manor houses, now it heats cool and toned down modernistic or industrial-style designs and gives them the prestige of past ages. It constitutes a dominant element of the space and creates its audacious character. Shorter sides of the planks are cut at an angle, thus creating the arrowhead pattern and a characteristic zigzag design. In order to let the floor play a leading role and expose the rich and expressive chevron pattern, the designed space should be toned down with calm additions. Very interesting effect is obtained when traditional chevron pattern of the floor covering is combined with modernistic and minimalistic interior design. Plain surface, geometry as well as modern design will provide a counterweight for its diversified pattern. Rich and expressive floor will liven up and spice the interior. Hot chevron pattern will raise the temperature of a cool loft or industrial space dominated by glass, metal and concrete. The floor is available in oiled or lacquered version in the natural wood color, but it can also be covered with colored UV lacquer from the Colours of the World series (Champagne, Whisky, Vanilla, Grey Pearl, White Pearl, Coffee, Sahara, Alaska and Onyx) or colored natural oils from the Colours of the Nature range (white, grey and brown). The planks can be additionally beveled, which ensures their elegant and light look, as well as brushed or structured with the saw effect emphasizing natural grain pattern.