proParkiet Grey Pearl – a pearl among wooden floors

Pearls are extraordinary jewels that humans admire for thousands of years. They are a source of inspiration for jewelers, painters, sculptors as well as architects and designers. The Kaczkan Company, manufacturer of high quality wooden floors, has also become fascinated with them. Inspired by rare species of grey pearls, Kaczkan has created the unique Grey Pearl wooden floor.

Interior jewel

Kaczkan Grey Pearl floor, constituting part of the Colours of the World collection, seduces with its rare elegance and timeless chic just like this precious jewel. It is distinguished by a balanced tone of classic grey enriched with gently diversified grain pattern. Gentle brown tone tenderly emerges from below a layer of colored lacquer, ensuring slightly sparkling effect. Similarly to all floors from the Colours of the World line, Grey Pearl has also been created basing on proParkiet, innovative wooden floor combining the durability of traditional parquet with easy and fast installation of laminate panels. It consists of two layers of wood joined together with extra durable glues. Its top layer is covered with several layers of extra hard UV cured lacquer. In this way, Grey Pearl is exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage and retains its original properties, such as perfect look and functional properties, for years. It has been confirmed by 30-year guarantee. It is necessary to emphasize that Grey Pearl may be applied together with underfloor heating, as the boards perfectly transmit the heat, do not swell or get deformed.

Colored floors have been very popular on Western markets for years, in particular in Italy. Recently, trends suggesting gradual transition from classical, brown coloring to attractive designer colors obtained by covering the boards with colored lacquer or oil have been visible also in Poland. Grey tones attract particular attention as, paradoxically, they do not have to constitute a toned down background for the décor. Well-thought-out stylistic solutions, carefully selected arrangement of equipment together with appropriate color management can make the wooden floor a sophisticated jewel, a stylish pearl decoration of the interior.  

Universal chic

Greyness has a double nature and carefully selected additions can highlight the cool or warm face of this color, creating classical and cozy interiors or, on the contrary, industrial and modern ones. The combination of Grey Pearl floor with warm colors, such as ivory, bright beiges, honey and cinnamon tones up to deep browns create warm and comfortable classical space. Aged gold decorations,  additions manufactured from such natural materials as linen and cotton, but also wicker or rattan combined with warm lighting emphasize cozy character of the design. In contrast, grey boards combined with ascetic shapes and colors, for example ashengrey and white, create a modern and industrial character of the interior. The combination of grey floor with furniture in very dark colors, from navy blue through anthracite to black, is also an interesting idea. The obtained design will have a sophisticated, mysterious character. However, in order not to create a grim impression, it should be diversified with a vivid color accent, for example a carpet with geometric pattern, wallpaper graphic or fabrics in vivid, or even fluorescent colors and prominent patterns. The modern aspect of such interior can be emphasized by glass or aluminum decorations.

Versatile character of grey floor makes it possible to modify the color scheme of an interior from warm to cool and vice versa. Subtle change of decorations and additions will be enough for the same interior to shine with new light.